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Our WaterJet Cut Aluminum Address Numbers are made using a fine, high pressure stream of water that carries an abrasive mineral. The fine stream allows for the cutting of sharp inside corners and intricate detail.

Unlike our "hollow channel" numbers, the style of font you choose - whether serif or sans-serif - does not affect the price.

The range of finishes available include 12 ClearCoated & Anodized treatments and 18 baked enamel paint (2 coats) options. The accuracy of the finish depictions will vary depending on your browser, operating system, monitor calibration & more. We have recently upgraded our online color/finish sample images - especially those in the Clearcoat/Anodized section.

Our customers usually choose aluminum when they need numbers in a solid color [baked enamel] or when they want an anodized finish. If it's the look of "metal" you want (like the number 2 on the left) - our 1/4" thick solid aluminum in a Clear Anodized finish is less money than our 1/2" thick hollow stainless.

NOTE: We do offer a clearcoated "Natural Satin" finish - but although a variety of other address number websites have been making it their stock in trade, we simply cannot recommend clearcoated aluminum for long term exterior use. Why? It does NOT weather the years as well as anodized finishes, and it's something the exterior sign industry is working on.

In the meanwhile, we have dropped our price on our high performance Clear Anodized Aluminum to over 25% less than what's shown on our Solid Aluminum Price Calculator. For example, a set of three numbers 3 inches high in 1/4 inch thick Clear Anodized aluminum are currently (Feb 2012) quoting at $90, and that includes shipping.

Conclusion: For an economical aluminum finish that allows a clear view of the silver metal benath AND very best in durability we recommend Clear Anodized. Submit an RFQ now and we'll send you a discounted quote on address numbers in this high performance finish.