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Our WaterJet Cut Aluminum Address Numbers are made using a fine, high pressure stream of water that carries an abrasive mineral. This allows for the cutting of sharp inside corners and intricate detail. The range of finishes available include 2 Clear PowderCoated, 10 Anodized and 10 baked enamel paint options (11 if you count the custom option wherein you provide us with the paint manufacturer, colour name & number & for a $20 charge we mix a match for you). The accuracy of the finish depictions on this page will vary depending on your browser, operating system, monitor calibration & more. Our customers most often choose aluminum when they need numbers for a high traffic area and need an extra degree of impact resistance. Second, for those that want the appearance and advantages of anodizing (various colours available, & the finish is coastal & winter roadside salt-mist friendly), the process is only available for aluminum . If it's the "silver metal" look you want (like the number 2 on the left) - go for Clear Anodized. To emulate "oil rubbed bronze" choose Dark Bronze Anodized. Send us a quote request - using the (ballpark) Price Calculator on this page -- and we'll send you a dimensioned drawing and a price quote with shipping included. If you have any additional comments, questions or requests, enter them in the "Comments..." text area of the form. For instance if there's a font you're interested in, a bigger size you want (we can quote CUSTOM CAST aluminum numbers or letters up to 36” tall and 3” thick, so you can inquire about that in the form on the left – they will soon have their own product page) or a material you've seen in our gallery (below) but can't find it listed here, let us know. All orders come with installation hardware (3/16” diameter threaded studs with spacer tubes to float the numbers out 1/2” from the wall – shorter & longer lengths also available) and a full scale drilling template for secure blind¹ fastening. 1 no screws or hardware visible on the front or edges  
Better photo coming | FYI: 5.5"h x 3/8"d | Alum'm - Baked Enamel - Black | ITC Willow 13"H x 1"D | Solid Aluminum - Dark Bronze Anodized | NeoMetro3 8"H X 3/8"D | Alum'm - Baked Enamel - Black | Amsterdam Modern Medium 6"H x 26"W x 1/2"D | Solid Aluminum 1pc - Clear Anodized | NeoMetro3 8"h x 1"d | Alum'm - Custom Cast* - Dark Bronze Anodized | MB VINATAGE MED 8"h x 1.5"d | Alum'm - Custom Cast - Dark Bronze Anodized | NeoMetro2 6"h x 1"d | Alum'm - Custom Cast* - Baked Enamel: Custom** | NeoMetro1 6"h x 1"d | Alum'm - Custom Cast* - Baked Enamel: Custom** | NeoMetro1 4"h x 3/8"d | Bronze - Cut from Sheet - No Clearcoat (to oxidize naturally) | Neutraface 7.4"h x 1/4"d | Alum'm - Baked Enamel Black | Brouet 8"h x 1"d | Bronze - Custom Cast* - Satin, No Clearcoat [will naturally age/oxidize] | NeoMetro5 Natural Satin - Clear Powdercoat Natural Polished - Clear Powdercoat Clear Anodized Polished Clear Anodized Medium Bronze Anodized Polished Medium Bronze Anodized Dark Bronze Anodized Polished Dark Bronze Anodized Black Anodized Polished Black Anodized Gold Anodized Polished Gold Anodized
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For additional font options, visit where you can search by stylistic references such as modern, sans serif, wide, bold and more.