Our numbers are designed for blind-fastening - ie: no hardware visible from the front. They are attached using threaded stainless steel studs (included) which screw into the back of each number.
Installation Instructions are accompanied by a 1:1 scale paper drilling pattern. This drawing allows installer to mark the exact center of the drilling locations for the blind fastening of each number. The numbers are secured by pushing their studs into corresponding holes in your exterior wall.
The threaded studs allow the numbers to stand proud of the mounting surface. This ensures each number casts a shadow against your exterior wall, which enhances both the legibility and the numbers' 3- dimensionality. They appear to "float". In the case of uneven walls, this method allows you to adjust the digits (before the silicone sets up) to ensure their faces are all on the same plane. On flat walls you can use the ½” spacer tubes that come with each order. 

Each set of Custom Address Numbers comes with complete Installation

Instructions, a paper drilling pattern/template and all the hardware

necessary to install them on your home or business.

Note: For a wall this uneven, we recommend transferring the drilling locations from the paper pattern to a 3/8” (minimum) thick board, preferably with a drill press. After that, drill the top left and right holes in the wall first and push a stud into each of those holes. Then hang the wood pattern from the two protruding studs and proceed to drill the rest of the holes, making your best attempt to hold the drill perpendicular to the pattern board (ones ability to accomplish this is easier the thicker the board & if you were able to create it with a drill press or one of the simple devices available that facilitate perpendicular drilling – see DrillBlock).
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