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Enclosed are some pics of our new house numbers as I promised you.

Jeff and I are EXTREMELY happy with them and we spend so much time admiring them that our neighbours probably think we are crazy by now... :)

We are so proud of our numbers that we have been promoting your work to all our neighbours and designer friends. Quality and detailed work is hard to find nowadays and I truly value and praise work as great as yours when I find one.
Jeff + Vivian
San Mateo, CA

FYI, our 555 may just be the most beautiful thing we have ever seen. The template was perfect and installation was really simple. Just wanted you to know that, after all the hemming and hawing, our decision proved to be brilliant. Thanks for your help.
Arlene Sanford
Los Angeles CA

thanks for the very nice surprise of the brushed stainless steel numbers. they are just super! we really love them. they seem to help set the tone and aid in the transformation towards the new look we were seeking after a paint color facelift in our co-op building.
Eleanor W.
W Village NYC


The lettering is beautiful. We are in the process of shooting it, and I can't wait to see the results. Thanks again
David Harris
Design Director
Vanity Fair magazine


Thanks to Apollo Marconi a previously unimportant detail of our building has now become an integral part of its architecture. Bravissimo!
Guglielmo Miani
Milan, Italy

I finally finished my mailbox project, and thought you might like to see the final results.

The monolith is made of redwood stained grey. I shoved the mailbox through it, with the stainless steel numbers mounted above.

Then I went crazy. I mounted a solar cell from a "Malibu" garden light to the top of the monolith and installed the LED light source behind a panel on the back. Then I ran 1/4" acrylic dowels from the LED through holes behind each number. The light from the single LED now back lights each number with fiberoptics automatically when the sun goes down.

I know, kinda nuts but hey, it works!

Your numbers look just great and the service was top notch.
Dean Van Eimeren
Palos Verdes Estates, CA

Received and installed stainless steel address numbers yesterday. I'm not impressed with too much in my cynical old age, but the craftsmanship was outstanding!! It almost seemed too bad to put them outside. I wish I had more numbers in my address!! Installation went very smoothly using wooden template.

Attached are several pics of final installation. Again, thanks for an extremely quality product and service.
Mike Bailey
Director of Engineering
TTM Technologies
Santa Ana, CA

Thanks for providing such a superior product. Finally, some numbers with architectural integrity! I'm glad we didn't settle for less.

Here are some pix of the house numbers as installed on our mid-century ranch house.
Gretchen S.
Sacramento, CA

I received my house numbers today and love them! They are just what I wanted. I can't wait to have them installed.

Thank you for your excellent service, for your personal communication, and for your outstanding product. I'll send you a photo of your beautiful numbers on my beautiful hardwood deck screen as soon as I can.
Carol Hall
Portland, OR

I have enclosed a copy of Toronto Life magazine.

Please see photos and article - page 84.

The numbers look great. Thank you for your contribution.
Drew Mandel
MacLennan Jaunkalns Miller Architects
Toronto, Canada


I've just been drooling over the bespoke stainless steel numbers on your website. My partner and I have been looking for house numbers like these for over three years! All we can buy in the UK are ornate brass horrors. Could you let me know if you ship overseas?
Kathy L
High Wycombe UK

[ED: Yes]

I received my numbers AND installed them today. They look great, just the perfect finishing touch on a 2 year remodel!...Thanks again for everything.

...then, several weeks later...

Your numbers certainly are a hit. I've given your web address to several of my neighbors...It's a safe bet that any orders coming from 90065 are people who've seen your numbers on my house.
Curt A.
Los Angeles CA

The address numbers are gorgeous! Thanks for your assistance and super products...
Riesa L.
Linwood NJ

Just got the numbers yesterday--They look amazing!!!...Thanks for a beautiful job!
Teri H.
Topanga Canyon CA

...I am very pleased with the quality and appearance of the house numbers. Thank you.
Scott A.
Inver Grove Heights MN